5В050600 Economics

Description of the specialty


UNT profile subjects: Geography - Mathematics

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: English

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen 


Bachelor of Economics, specialty «5B050600 – Economy» can perform analytical, research, organizational, managerial and educational (teaching) activities in the following areas: sectoral and regional markets, the economic entities of various organizational and legal forms; improvement of enterprise management system; formation of economic strategy and policy of the enterprises; regulation of social and economic relations at national, sectoral and intra levels.in this specialty Bachelor has a set of special theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to solving the problems of economic and organizational character, the application of modern technologies, information processing, decision making under dynamically changing environment, has sufficient theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems and problems in unusual situations, the conditions of uncertainty and risk.The relevance of training in the specialty «5B050600 – Economy» to:

  • Getting a full, quality basic education in economics, management and organization of production, environmental activities;
  • The acquisition of a high general level of intellectual development, mastery of literacy and speech, humanitarian culture, high moral, ethical and legal standards, and culture of thinking skills of scientific organization of labor;
  • The development of creativity, initiative and innovation;
  • Continuing education students at a later stage of a multi-level education;
  • Competitive specialists in the labor market.




  • Economic theory;
  • Micro and macroeconomics;
  • Entrepreneurial Economics;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Corporate and business law;
  • Finance;
  • Accounting.



Career and job prospects


Bachelor of Economics can hold positions of managers, professionals and other employees in the field of economics and statistics, financial and economic departments of analytical departments, enterprises and organizations of different sectors and forms of ownership. Bachelor specialty "5B050600 - Economy" can be employed in the economic, financial, marketing, production and economic and analytical services organizations and enterprises, regardless of their type of activity, type of ownership, categories of participants (both residents and RK non-residents), organizational and legal forms, public bodies of national and local levels; research institutes, educational institutions of primary vocational, secondary vocational, higher vocational education.





Program coordinator

Darkhan Zamanbekov

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International Relations Office

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