5B020300 History


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Description of specialty


UNT profile subjects: History - Geography

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: Kazakh

State grants: 93

Tuition fee: 420 000 tenge

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus


The main purpose of "History" bachelor study is alumnus broad background, with Source study theory and methodology fundamentals, History of Kazakhstan sources, global conceptual approaches to the nations culture study, to the history of primeval society. Alumnus must know, and have: archeology ethnology, Ancient history, Antiquity, History of Middle Ages, History of Ancient Kazakhstan, History of Kazakhstan In Middle Ages, Modern and Recent History of Kazakhstan, Modern and Recent History of foreign countries, historiography and history of contemporary countries and nations; practical work skills in Archeological and Ethnographical expeditions, academic learning studies methodic on history discipline based on the program of secondary level education, methodological and organizational work skills for history room formation, educational situations analyses skills,  and so on.

Strengths of education in SDU


  • Learning of foreign languages

The main feature of specialty is multilingual study. Besides Kazakh national language, students study Russian, English, and Turkish languages in general; and Chinese, Persian languages in scientific field. Languages proficiency is one of the main demands of future competent research fellow.

  • Archeological practice

For the time of study, within archeological practice students - historians visit large excavation places, conduct ethnographical field researches, undertake an internship at State Archive of Almaty region, at Local History museum, undertake historical and bibliographic internship. Pedagogical practice is carried out at schools, colleges of Almaty, and in neighboring and far-abroad countries.


Main disciplines


By specialty standard, it is prescribed, the following discipline study:

  • History of Ancient Kazakhstan;
  • History of Kazakhstan In Middle Ages;
  • Modern and Recent History of Kazakhstan;
  • Historiography and Source study theory of Kazakhstan history;
  • Republic of Kazakhstan in world community;
  • Modern and Recent History of West and East;
  • History and culture of Turkic nations;
  • Military history of Turks and so on.

Career and job prospects


Sphere of professional activity of historical specialty alumnus: 

  • Teachers and Lecturers at schools, colleges, universities;
  • Officers at educational departments, public servants at local administrations (regional, municipal);
  • Methodologist of department;
  • Libraries, archives, museums staff.

Objects of alumni professional activities:

  • Secondary Educational institutions, Secondary Educational professional institutions (colleges, schools, gymnasiums)
  • Scientific research centers;
  • State administrative bodies (ministries, akimats);
  •  Culture centers and organizations (museums, libraries);
  • Archive institutions;
  • Social organizations and funds;
  • Universities;
  • Specialty Improvement institutions.





Program coordinator

Aidos Shalbayev

PhD, Assistant professor

+7 727 307 95 65 (306)



Admission office

+7 727 307 95 65



International relations office

+7 727 307 95 60, (233)





+7 702 000 11 33

Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 18.00