5В011900 Foreign language: two foreign languages


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Description of the speciality


UNT profile subjects: English - History

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: English

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen


"Foreign language: two foreign languages" curriculum (Teaching Department) of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Humanitarian Sciences at SDU offers the chance of attending all three cycluses of study (BA, MA, PhD). Students are able to acquire knowledge in the field of English language and second foreign languages.

The aim of "Foreign language: two foreign languages" educational program is to enable students to get good quality education and training in the field of English and second foreign language, as well as to train students modern methodology of teaching and educational psychology. Through the education program, trained foreign and native teachers will contribute to promotion of primary, secondary and higher education. Within the study program, in addition to fundamental disciplines of language, modern pedagogical disciplines, methodology of the teaching process as well as linguistic and communication skills are taught and studied.


Strengths of education in SDU


  • Variety of languages

SDU teaches English, French, Turkish, German and Chinese.

  • Advanced interdisciplinary approach

The Faculty offers advanced interdisciplinary approach to teaching, learning, research and practice.

  • Promoting proficiency in languages

Foreign language: two foreign languages contributes to promoting proficiency in languages, strengthening the educational system, exchange of teaching staff as well as connecting local teachers with international, in all fields of education.

  • Connection to international institutions

Two foreign languages department contributes not only to the strengthening of the educational system of Kazakhstan but also its connection to international institutions in all fields of education.


Career and job prospects


Completing ELT studies, graduates will gain basic knowledge of the teaching methodology and learning English as a foreign language.

Graduates who decide to seek for employment immediately will be able to access public or private, schools and institutions. After graduating students are exclusively prepared for career of English language teachers.

The major advantage that graduates of Foreign language: two foreign languages  program at SDU have are classes in English and possibility for practicum throughout their education.





Program cооrdinator

Arman Argynbayev

MA in TEFL/TESOL, senior lecturer


tel (extension): 436


Admission office

+7 727 307 95 65



International relations office

+7 727 307 95 65, (233)




+7 702 000 11 33

Monday - Friday, 09.00 - 18.00