5B020500 Philology


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Program description


UNT profile subjects: Language of instruction - Literature 

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: Kazakh

State grants: 137

Tuition fee: 500 000 tenge

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus


Specialty of Philology (Kazakh Language) serves as an extraordinary center of creativity, inquiry, and discovery with a proud tradition of leadership in scholarship. The undergraduates become familiar with methods of linguistic and literary analysis and acquire a range of generic skills, including the ability for abstract and analytical thinking and synthesis of ideas, the ability to communicate both orally and through the written word in the national language, and the ability to work autonomously and in a team. The program offers not only opportunities for study of all aspects of Kazakh language and its literature, but also a well-developed, diverse, and active community within the University.


Strengths of education in SDU


  • Active community

In order to improve the creative abilities of students in the educational process students actively participate in professional workshops, seminars, poetic clubs and presentations by scientists and scholars. There are two functioning student unions that work systematically which are literary club “Magzhan” and scientific creative club “Assyl soz”. The missions of these two unions are keeping the students encouraged and engaged in the scholarship and literary issues.


  • Practical knowledge

Students of the faculty usually gain a broad spectrum of theoretical knowledge as folklore and dialectology during the class hours and continue having their practical knowledge at language laboratories under the pedagogical supervision. This process helps students to scaffold the theoretical basis by the hands on experience thus developing their professional skills and competences.


  • Students creative abilities

Although the admissions requirements for the prospective students is not stringent, students creative abilities are seriously taken into consideration.


Main disciplines


  • The modern history of Kazakhstan;
  • Philosophy;
  • Information and communication technologies (in English);
  • Foreign language;
  • Kazakh literature of the ancient period;
  • Introduction to Literary Studies;
  • Folklore of the Kazakh people;
  • The syntax of a simple sentence of modern Kazakh language;
  • Lexicology and lexicography of modern Kazakh language;
  • Professionally-oriented foreign language;
  • Professional Kazakh (Russian) language;
  • The morphology of the modern Kazakh language.


Career and job prospects


Graduates of Kazakh Philology become literature specialists, specialists in linguistics, literary scholar, teacher of the Kazakh language and literature, etc. They may also become a research assistants in the higher education and research institutions, work in local administrations literary, cultural, and educational services in the field of mass in the press editor, journalist and publisher of publishing, literary consultant, creative, can play a leading professional services.






Program coordinator

Khafiza Ordabekova

PhD, Associated professor of language education department

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Admission office

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International relations office

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