3-course students Engineering and Natural Sciences Faculty of SDU have recently visited Open day, which took place in ChocoFamily. The event was aimed at practical acquaintance with the life of the company. Let's note that for today ChocoFamily is the largest domestic Internet project. The holding includes 5 Internet services such as Chocolife.me, Chocotravel, Chocofood, Lensmark, Chocomart, each of which is the leader of its sphere.

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The company sets itself an ambitious goal - to become the number 1 in the IT industry in Kazakhstan, and in the future to conquer the world market.
SDU was met by the head of the company Ramil Mukhorjapov, who with the creative team approached the guests' meeting and personally volunteered for the tour, presented the presentation, demonstrated the material and technical base, made an exciting master class and shared with a unique success story.
By the way, SDU is a strategic partner of the largest holding company for several years. To date, most graduates of the university occupy a leading position in ChocoFamily. It is gratifying that the team of the holding has talented, strong, efficient, ambitious people, for whom there is no concept of "impossible".

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- It is important to note that in the company's office, personnel are treated as partners of the holding company. By 2020, the company plans to enter the IPO and will consider the possibility to provide its own dividends to the partners, - sums up Ramil Mukhorjapov.
For both sides the meeting turned out to be fruitful. The head of the holding paid special attention to the students of the university, gave a charge of vigorous energy and great motivation. Students were also impressed by the openness, transparency and dynamic growth of the holding.
In the near future, the university and holding company plan to expand the horizons of cooperation and give the partnership a new impetus for development.