One of the student clubs PandUp organized a film festival on March 17, where SDU students and teachers watched interesting short video clips.


The SDU Film Festival is taking place for the first time this year. Within the framework of this project several teams consisting of students competed in the shooting of short videos. According to the organizers, only 11 out of 26 teams managed to reach the final. They are Lightworks, Halberd, Just Easy Done, Kyran Films, In the Black, ATIP, Estrella, De Ja Vu, Gagle, GOsteam and Nazarov Media.


In the first part of the festival, audience watched videos of the finalists filmed on different topics. Participants surprised spectators with special creativity, camera and acting skills. We’re glad that the students were able to convey a deep meaning to the audience through these videos. They thereby propagated good human qualities.


And in the second part of the event there was held the ceremony of awarding the best and talented. The first place went to the team "Kyran Films", the second place was taken by the team "A.T.I.P." and the third place - "Halberd". All teams received prizes from sponsors and special certificates, and teams that were among the top three received cash prizes in the amount of 150,000, 100,000 and 33,333 tenge. Also participants were awarded by nominations like the best producer, the best actor, the best cameraman, the best editor, etc.




We are sincerely proud of our creative students who tirelessly develop their talents and contribute to the development of the social life of our university. Well done boys!