Last Friday passed an event in the university for freshmen students. The SDU calls it as «Welcome party».


This year, Event club organized a «Welcome party» entirely in a new format. This is due to the fact that this year Suleyman Demirel in the University received a record number of students (rather more than 1,200 students). A lot of effort and resources have been invested in the organization of the event. Sponsor’s support, good organization and, of course, a positive attitude of students made the event memorable and sparkling. We believe that all this was worth it to first-year students really had a memorable evening.


We also hope that this evening will be remembered for a long time thanks to the great rhythms that gave all talented guys from the «Music Club», dancers «MMDANCE» and «Orlean».



The evening continued with performances of the invited guests, the music label «HIVE RECORD LABEL», energetic rapper Tolebi Ibraev and rising star Madi Rymbaev. Students had fun, danced and participated in competitions from sponsors. And of course, special guest, singer Aina Issaeva infect everyone with his positive energy and has created an unforgettable atmosphere of live music.


In the "Battle of the faculties" fought talented students from different faculties. By the unanimous opinion of the jury the representatives of the Faculty of Engineering has won the competition, surprising the audience with their spectacular dance moves.