SDU is famous for its graduates, who with dignity occupy the leading positions of both domestic and foreign companies. Today we are proud to say that our university is a forge of training personnel in various sectors and with high competitiveness is not inferior to the leading positions in international and national ratings. One such talented person is Bagdat Musin, SDU alunmi.
Today he heads the Committee on Legal Statistics and Special Accounts of the Prosecutor General's Office of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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- This is really the person who makes a huge contribution to development, modernization, to the forced innovation of the state apparatus. I think that it is a kind of almamatra for the current generation of students and has something to share with it," - said Rector of SDU Kanat Kozhahmet.

During the meeting, the speaker shared with the students a personal success story, told about life experiences, various stages of development on the career ladder, and about the main priorities.
Bagdat Musin differs creativity and ability to generate ideas. The speaker inspired the SDU students with their innovation and ability to explain complex things easily and simply. In turn, students with interest launched a discussion with the interlocutor and voiced a number of exciting issues.
The meeting was held in a warm informal atmosphere, and the main thing was to charge the children to conquer new peaks.
It should be noted that holding similar meetings in the SDU will become a good tradition.