SDU welcomed Thom Kiddle, an honorable Guest from Norwich Institute for Language Education (NILE), UK on Feb 27th, 2019. Mr. Kiddle is a Director at NILE and he has a Master’s degree in Language Testing from Lancaster University and the Cambridge Delta. His role at NILE involves strategic and organizational management, and training and consultancy in a range of areas including testing and assessment, learning technologies, materials development and language teaching methodology.

photo5465339669798562641.jpg The Guest was introduced to the Campus by the Vice Rector for Academic affairs and Research of the university. Mr. Kiddle had a Meeting with the Senior Leadership Team Members led by the Dean of Faculty of Education and Humanities, TEFL instructors of the university and Directors of IRO and Continuing Education Center of SDU. The meeting began with the presentations of both sides and discussing ideas and benefits of mutual cooperation. During the meeting, Mr.Kiddle highlighted the possibility of joint academic programs, where areas of cooperation may include the following:


  • Workshops and training sessions for SDU TEFL/TESOL instructors;
  • Exchange of faculty members;
  • Joint research activities, lectures and lectures via-e-learning;
  • Participation in seminars, conferences and academic meetings;

The Guest mentioned the prospects of professional development workshops for SDU TEFL/TESOL instructors.

SDU expresses its gratitude for the visit and looks forward to signing an MOU with such a venerable Institute.