Teachers of Social Sciences Department Mukhtar Sengirbai and Moldar Ergebekov took part in the 18th World Conference of the Central Eurasian Studies Society in Seattle, USA.

About 200 scientists from around the world participated in the conference organized by the Washington University. During the four-day conference, the history, culture and politics of Central Eurasia, society and social status were discussed in the form of panel discussions, round tables.
M. Sengirbai made a presentation on "Social and psychological factors affecting the change of ethnic culture of the Russian people in Kazakhstan" in the panel discussion on "Kazakhstan: nationalism, uniqueness and representation". M.Ergebekov and KIMEP teacher A.Zhemeney made a presentation on the topic "Presentation of a Woman in Modern Kazakh Cinema" at the panel session "Visualization and Presentation".

The SDU teachers established professional contacts with scientists from all over the world and participated in the training organized by Centran Asian Survey. The trip was organized by Suleyman Demirel University and Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Kazakhstan.