Today SDU delegation visited Eltexalatau company, located on the territory of Alatau Technopark, in order to establish partnership. Eltexalatau is one of the leading developers and manufacturers of a wide range of telecommunications and networking equipment. All equipment is developed by the company's specialists in the city of Novosibirsk, having a successful 20-year practical experience.

Representatives of the university got acquainted with the laboratories and workshops of the company, where a set of measures for the development and production, including the development of schemes, board design, software writing, prototyping and batch production.

The parties discussed a number of issues aimed at developing mutual cooperation in integrating students into the production process of the company. Talking about the potential of students of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the head of the university Kanat Kozhakhmet outlined the key directions for the development of strategic partnership.

- We have educational and training programs, there is a technopark, whose task is to work with the corporate sector and with orders. We already practice with various companies, there are held hakaton and other projects. We are ready to establish cooperation and have a key partner in the industry. When planning long-term developments, SDU can be for you a laboratory where you can conduct testing, - said Rector of the University Kanat Kozhahmet.

In turn, the representatives of the company expressed their intention for cooperation and proposed the development plan for the implementation and strengthening of the partnership.