The modern world is changing every day. Sometimes in a dynamic rhythm of life, in the multitasking mode, it is difficult for a person to process the flow of information and make logical decisions. Statistics say that in the age of information and digital technology, the world is enriched daily for new development and grows at a tremendous speed, knowledge is quickly updated and obsolete. According to experts, the amount of information on the planet will double every two years. Modern man receives and processes for 2 months as much information as a person of the 17th century in his entire life.

Often happens that in teamwork due to the lack of coherence plans are constantly broken, there is a backlog from deadlines, the tasks of different units are duplicated, people can not come to a common solution, although their efforts are aimed at achieving a single goal.
WhatsApp Image 2018-02-02 at 17.15.45.jpeg To solve these problems in the modern world, there are different ways and methods. Developed countries of the world successfully apply advanced methods and systems in the field of project management and in the organization of well-coordinated teamwork. One such method is Scrum methodology.
Since recently, the SDU management team has begun implementing Scrum in its work.
- Scrum Methodology - is very relevant in the IT field, but today it is successfully applied in other industries. Its flexibility is that it can be used even in everyday life and economy. On the initiative of the leadership of the university, we conducted training for the top management of the university. And now we are gradually introducing it into the educational sphere. The main task of the methodology is - maximum flexibility in planning and performing tasks, says Mersys project manager IT, practicing trainer Rauan Syzdykov.

Today Scrum methodology has been implemented in the work of the university administration and the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The same method was launched in the Business School of the University.
- On the basis of the SDU Business school, we are launching two relevant areas, such as: Global Finance and International Management. However, due to the tight work schedule and the dynamic rhythm of life, some working issues require an accelerated solution. Therefore, we decided to use the methodology in implementing Scrum's objectives and believe that this will be an effective method of promoting the process, - said Dean of the SDU Business School, Asylbek Nurgabdeshev.
There are 3 basic roles in Scrum: Product owner - project manager or customer, Scrum master, a person who controls the work process and helps to eliminate all obstacles and the Development team that performs the basic plan of tasks. All these people have their own roles and tasks, but they are connected by a single command spirit that will lead them to the set goal. So, for the team of SDU Business school, the deadline is marked in two weeks. Team members are confident that with the help of Scrum they are waiting for brilliant results.

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