On the 4th of October, 2018 SDU had honourable guests from The Education University of Hong Kong, China. Associate Vice President of Graduate School Professor LO, Sing Kai and his team on international comparative research on student wellbeing visited SDU.

First of all, the guests were introduced to the campus.  After, there was a Research meeting at Senate Hall where the topics of mutual benefits on students’ wellbeing project between EduHK and SDU were discussed with SDU staff led by Vice Rector of SDU Dr Davronzhon Gaipov.

The aims of this project are:
·        Assess the well-being of post-graduate students
·        Examine the factors affecting the well-being of students during their study and locate indicators of students’ psychological well-being
·        Facilitate the diagnosis of students’ needs and requirements
·        Design appropriate intervention strategies and provide student support services according to students’ needs
·        Comparative study through a joint project
·        Strengthen the link between SDU and EdUHK
·        Contribute to education in both Kazakhstan and Hong Kong

1.JPG According to the project some pilot surveys have done between the universities, and all participants had a chance to see the outcomes. After the discussion, some steps to realize were suggested by The Education University of Hong Kong such as:

•         Focus group interviews
•         Questionnaire finalized
•         Distribution to students

This Project will continue till the 2020 with its timeline and we hope that it will finish successfully and be beneficial for both sides.