The SDU Technopark received a new round of development and was transformed into an innovative cluster aimed at realizing the creative ideas and projects of our students. The administration of the university has made its wards a long-awaited surprise before the new year.

- The task of the university is the preparation of highly qualified, competitive personnel. In this regard, the Technopark will help our students to grow professionally, develop various projects, mobile applications, so that, at the end they can receive a portfolio along with the diploma, - said the director of the Technopark, Bahtiyar Rahmatullayev.

Thanks to close-knit, teamwork and consolidation of common efforts, the technopark is transformed into a modern comfortable infrastructure consisting of a co-working zone, meetup and multifunctional spaces for research and talent creation.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-27 at 16.21.23.jpeg  The solemn event was also attended by the SDU rector Kanat Kozhakhmet, who sincerely congratulated the students and laid great hopes on the young people for the embodiment of the most unconventional ideas into reality, to be one step ahead.

So, SDU Technopark launched its work in a new format. This is the platform that is designed to bring together young start-ups, talented students, scientists and businessmen, as well as inventors of the new century.

- Nowadays the joint work of universities and industry is an actual topic. Therefore, our important task is to provide all the necessary conditions for both students and the teaching staff, - said Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs Ali Kochak.

Only on the basis of the results of the first semester in the Technopark the students already implemented such creative projects as the mobile guide for the sacred places "Рухани жаңғыру", the mobile application сalled "Botakan". The students' Hakaton was organized, new partners and investments for the amount of 7 500 000 tenge were attracted.

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