Open Day in SDU brought together over 1200 future entrants from various regions of the country. Participants arrived from Almaty schools, Taraz, Shymkent, Kyzylorda, Karaganda, and a number of nearby regional centers as Kaskelen, Kapshagai, Issyk, Uzynagash, Kordai, etc.

In the framework of the Open Day, the guests of the university were able to get acquainted with university campus, training laboratories, learn about new specialties.

Applicants and their parents had an opportunity to talk with managers of the educational institution, faculties, departments, representatives of the admission committee, as well as familiarize themselves with the admission rules for the 2018-2019 school year.

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The epicenter of visitors' attention was the fair-presentation, located in the hall of the university with the demonstration of exhibition stands of four faculties of the university: pedagogy and humanities, engineering and natural sciences, law and social sciences and SDU business school, modern language school, and creative performances in over twenty student clubs. In short, the guests had at their disposal all the academic community, from which the participants received exhaustive answers to all questions, which subsequently contributes with confidence to choose the future profession. Visiting the exhibition, future entrants plunged into the atmosphere of twenty years of tradition, knowledge and a high level of intelligence. As a result of the event, a large-scale cultural and mass program was presented for the participants of the Open Day, including a creative concert show performed by university students, a brain-ring quiz, prizes and an exciting quest in the university's laboratories.

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An important direction of the event was special trial testingof SPT Olympiad, aimed at assessing the knowledge and capabilities of students for admission to SDU.

- SPT (SDU ProficiencyTest) is our unique project, an internal Olympiad for graduates of schools and colleges this year. The main goal of this Olympiad is to help graduates determine the future profession, as well as support in the form of internal grants and discounts. Within the project, each student will be able to test their abilities, as this is an excellent opportunity to win an internal grant or a discount. SPT is in high demand among the entrants, which in the following gives the opportunity to test their knowledge during the year and identify their weaknesses. Proof of this is the constant increase in the number of participants from year to year, - said the rector.

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SPT has 6 clusters depending on the chosen subject of a student: physics, geography, English, literature, chemistry-biology and world history. Additionally, in each cluster there are questions on mathematics, English, Kazakh / Russian and History of Kazakhstan.

Currently, SDU experts summarize the results of the trial testing. The Olympics itself will be held on March 4, 2018 in a unified format in all the country's testing centers. Prize-winners and the first 250 participants who showed the best results will receive internal SDU grants and discounts for 4 years of study.

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