Recently on April 21, the Suleyman Demirel University jointly with KAZPOCHTA JSC carried out the technical launch of the 3D printing laboratory on the basis of the Central Post Office of Almaty.


Using a 3D printer, we can display three-dimensional information, creating the necessary physical objects. Technology can find daily and practical application.

In the near future, Kazpost intends to use this printer to help visually impaired people and create books with Braille. The Braille font is a system of raised convex points, which is designed to help blind people read independently. This font fits perfectly into the world of 3D printing technologies.

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According to Madina Alimanova, Head of the Computer Science Department of the SDU, in the 3D laboratory at the university, students plan to create children's hands prostheses for free.


"Казпочта" совместно с университетом имени Демиреля запустила 3D-лабораторию (