The new academic year at SDU started with a powerful motivational project for the student community.

For the first time Hackweek with a prize fund of 6,000,000 tenge was held from 19 to 29 September at the initiative of the university.

HackweekSenim is aimed at solving a number of problems in the field of software development facing the business environment of Senim, as well as developing practical experience in programming and identifying staff potential among young IT professionals.

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Hackaton aroused great interest among university students and revealed young talents.20 teams in total submitted applications for participation. The top 14 teams presented their work to the jury. Participants of hackweek demonstrated skills of strategic thinking, analytics and solving specialized technical problems.

Teams consisted of 3 people, among which two participants, according to the criteria of the project, have coding skills. It should be noted that the team was pleased with the creative ideas and original performances.

Representatives of admitted that our students far exceeded their expectations. All the teams performed well, and each team demonstrated something special, the organizers of the event note. According to the results of the project, 5 teams-winners were awarded to the finals.

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The following teams became the holders of monthly scholarships from the university:
- SingleLadies (AugmentedReality + Fintech)
- ARwin (AugmentedReality)
- Antihype (Telegrambot)
- .com (Telegrambot)
- Elarys (OCR)
Elarys (OCR) team are first-year students, but they have already shown excellent results and can compete with participants from senior courses.

Each participant from 5 winning teams will receive a monthly scholarship of 50,000 tenge from October to May. And also they have a possibility of internship and employment in

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- In the policy of our university, for us every student, teacher, graduate is more than a client, these are our existing and future partners. Long-term prospects are important for us: the better the career or business of our Alumni, the better for us. The world is moving in the era of globalization of education, we can only think of the principles of collaborative business and economics, - the rector of the university Kanat Kozhakhmet summed up.