InfoMatrix, an international computer project competition has started in SDU.

InfoMatrix is an international computer project competition, born from a desire to bring the world's best IT students together. The competition is not just about promoting professional excellence; it also serves to promote intercultural dialogue and cooperation, through the involvement of students and teachers from many different countries.
Starting from 2013, Suleyman Demirel University organizes Infomatrix Asia competition in Kaskelen, Almaty. Nearly, 400 students from more than 28 countries participate in four main categories.


This year, there will be 4 main categories: Computer Programming (Algorithms and Data structures, Web and Mobile app development), Computer Graphics and Art (Short movie and Graphics), Hardware Control Systems and Robotics (Mini Sumo, Line Follower Robot). The detailed description can be found below.

·       Hardware Control Systems. Creating a software controlling or cooperating with an electronic or mechanic device. The participant should try to piece together his own original device, from whatever spare parts and tools he have at his disposal. However, it needs to have a software component which interacts with the hardware parts. Creativity is as important as mechanical and programming skills in this section. Only limit is imagination!

·        Computer Graphics and Art. In this section there are several track like creating a video (short movie film) in which you will convey your message in a story enhanced with visual and audial effects by using popular video editing tools like After Effects,Sony Vegas, Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, iMovie, Pinnacle Studio, Ulead Video Studio etc. Time limit for the movie: minimum 3 minutes, maximum 10 minutes. In addition create 2D/3D images, animations, TV spots, videoclips or computer videos using whatever software can get the job done. 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Sony Creative Software or any digital imaging product may be used as the developing platform.

·        Computer Programming. The goal of the category is to test participants in computer programming field. You need to have ability to implement various algorithms with data structures and solve challenging problems.
You may use any programming language (or scripting languages) you wish C++, C#, Java, Pascal, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP etc.) It is crucial that an application has usability and a proper easy-to-use interface as well as functionality. But of course, none of these matter if the key element is missing a good idea.If you think you're up to the challenge and are able to create a working program from top to bottom, you should definetly give it a try!

·        Robotics. Design, build and program robots! 
People have a certain interest in robotics and it is increasing potentialy. To make the new generation more curious and passionate about robots, several competitions have been held in different countries around the globe. 


The competition will last for 4 days. The first day was optional: students enrolled SDU Guest House, registered, and had a rest after the flight, designed their stands and prepared needed materials. The next days for each team there will be project assignments based on their category, followed by project presentations and closing ceremony. The last day is devoted for city tour and departure.