An outstanding foreign expert, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, Professor Murray Bremner, spent two weeks at the university conducting mathematical courses for students of the Faculty of Engineering and Science!

Mr. Bremner is one of the best teachers, which greatly contributes to the success of his students. In his lectures, he gave valuable information to students on the theoretical and practical aspects of mathematics and increased the interest of students in science.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 16.15.25.jpeg  Scientist and public figure, doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, academician Askar Zhumadildaev presented Professor Bremner with a gift of traditional national clothes - Kazakh chapan for his great contribution to the education of students of SDU.

The Kazakh people have always been famous for their cordiality and ability to meet guests. One of the ancient customs that have survived to this day is the "shapan zhabu," when a dear visitor is taken as a sign of great honor to throw a chapan on his shoulders. This good tradition is preserved in our modern university and continues from generation to generation.



Interview with professor Murray Bremner​


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-27 at 16.15.29.jpeg - What was your first impression of Kazakhstan and SDU ?

- As this was my first visit to Kazakhstan I didn't know what to expect. I only knew that it is one of the largest countries of the world. And was a bit surprised to discover that the city (Almaty) is located so close to mountains, which are really nice. We visited Shymbulak, I enjoyed it. And here I tasted 'Beshbarmak' for the first time. I guess back in Canada people will call me insane, if I say that I tasted horse meat. About SDU, I liked both campus and people of it. You have friendly students here.


- Can you tell about universities you have read your lectures before?

- Well, for the past few years I have been to South Africa, Novosibirsk, Mexico, Brazil.


- What can you tell about educational system of our university?

- In the university where I work, professors usually read their lectures to 200 students, but here your lecture rooms are smaller, which I find really convenient. It's more efficient to read lectures   to the fewer students. Also, the fact that university is located far from the city is good for students, so that they will be more focused on their study. But it is not that comfortable for teachers, I guess.


- What would you suggest for the improvement of our university?

- I don't think I am an expert to give suggestions. But one thing I have noticed was that in SDU professors usually have a lot of lectures. I think SDU should give them more time for research, instead of only lectures, to build here academic field of university.