On 23 December 2016, Faculty of Philology and World Languages of Kazakh National University organized international round table meeting on Modern Education in the World inviting experts from Gazi University (Turkey), Lakehead University (Canada), SDU and KazNU from Kazakhstan where they discussed around a table on the most pressing educational issues in the world and on how to set a successful social dialogue and intergrate it into educational reforms in Kazakhstan. Professor Azamat Akbarov, Dean of Faculty of Philology and Educational Sciences was invited as an expert on Bologna Process and Multilingual Education in Europe. His topic was “Education and the European Union: The “Bologna Process” and Language Policy in Europe”. 


This roundtable meeting was characterized by high productivity and was considered by participants as a first step towards the reviving of an effective and successful reforms in education. Participants enjoyed how invited experts shared information, providing professional development, and communicating with the delegates to promote quality in education at universities and beyond.  Closing the round table, Chair of the programme and Professor Gulmira Madiyeva from KazNU, stated a strong interest from all academics to set a more effective institutional framework for integrating international reforms into the country’s educational reforms.