The unique mobile application Botakan was developed by Single ladies team with the support of SDU TechnoPark.

3-year students of the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences Kamila Kusainova, Saule Kalenova and Nurgul Isarieva are participants who have successfully proved themselves at the student hackathon of developers Nackweek-2017.

- We received an order from Asel Sapakova - mother of four children, which is popular in the social network Instagram, with its useful recommendations on raising children. She published a book titled "Maмa, қазақша сөйлеші", which contains a variety of content that contains child poems, songs, proverbs and sayings, folk legends and myths in the Kazakh language. We provided a technical solution and made a mobile app, - says Saule Kalenova.

The final product turned out with a convenient and intuitive interface, which has an interesting design for children's topics.

According to the developers, the application greatly facilitates those wishing to learn the literary Kazakh language easily and accessible through listening to songs, tongue twisters, proverbs, counters and other works. To date, the mobile application has downloaded by over 100 users. The development makes a significant contribution to increase the Kazakh-language content with the help of new technologies.

The Single ladies team has more ambitious goals and objectives, namely, the willingness to accept large orders from both the public sector and business community representatives.


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