More than 700 best students of Almaty schools, candidates for the "Altyn belgi" sign, attended the motivational lecture of Kanat Kozhakhmet, Rector of Suleyman Demirel University.
We would like to note that Kanat Kozhahmet is popular as the youngest rector among rectors of Kazakhstani universities. He is a graduate of our university. He directs the educational, scientific, industrial, economic and financial activities of the university, determines the strategy, goals and objectives of the university development, decides on the program planning of its work. Organizes the work of the academic council of the administration, academic, research and other departments of the university and exercises control over their activities.
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The training took place in an informal atmosphere, in which Kanat Kozhakhmet shared his personal success story, told interesting stories of many years of teaching experience in one of the leading universities in the country, and also gave many valuable recommendations on how to become a professional and be successful in the chosen professional direction. At the same time, the students received relevant information about the world trends in the field of education and were charged positively for a long time.