The 21st of December, Prof. Dr. Azamat Akbarov, Dean of Philology and Educational Sciences Faculty, carried out the AALK opening ceremony which is the first national organization for applied linguistics in Kazakhstan.


Founded in 2016 by Professor Akbarov, AALK will have a steady rise to acknowledgment, and in a soonest time to become an official member of the Association Internationale de LinguistiqueAppliquée (AILA).The occasion has begun with a national anthem of the Republic of Kazakhstan and has been opened by the congratulatory speech of the Rector of SDU, Professor Mesut Akgul.

IMG_0566.JPG Special guests have been invited to opening ceremony of AALK. Among such guests there are rector and deans of the known foreign and Kazakhstan universities. All guests and members of event have personally made the congratulatory speech. Professor Akbarov expressed satisfaction that AALK encourages multiculturality, multilingualism, and mutual tolerance and respect, all in the name of a better educational system and a brighter future.