The beginning of previous academic year became succesful for students of economics department. Thanks to laborious work of teachers at the beginning of 2015 SDU has begun to successfully undergo certification of international Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). For this time our students can receive 9 categories from 14 possible within 4 years of education. After obtaining the diploma we hand over to them additional certificates of ACCA. It will give the chance for our graduates to begin to work already with the top skills, than other students who have got a job after the termination of university.

Many graduates working in the economic sphere envy present students. They know how it is not easy to obtain the certificate of ACCA.

SDU is the only university of Kazakhstan which has got the maximum quantity of categories on certification.

ACCA announces ACCELERATE scholarship program for SDU graduates of the two accredited programs:

· Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing

· Bachelor of Science in Finance

Scholarship program gives the opportunity to get all the release and not pay for the first year of registration at ACCA. Also this scholarship program gives you the opportunity to register for the international ACCA qualification, without waiting for graduation.

Registration deadline is the 28th of February, 2012.