"Orientation Days 2017" program was held at the university from 24 to 26 August .

The purpose of these three days was to introduce the first-year students the social and administrative life of the university.

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"Orientation Days" began on the morning of 24 August with registration, which was attended by about 500 students. After a meeting with the rector and the administration of the university in the concert hall, a tour of the campus was held, where they were shown a scientific library, a student's house, laboratories, etc. After lunch, the students met with faculty representatives and group curators. The day ended with an entertainment program at the students' home.

The second day of the orientation week began with seminars from specially trained speakers. It was recorded 90% of attendance among new students. The seminars continued until evening. After dinner, another entertaining program was held for first-year students.

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The last day was completely devoted to all kinds of entertainment, like tennis, paintball, relay races, etc. Also there were trips to the Charyn canyon and the Issyk lake.

In general, the program "Orientation Days 2017" was successful. The new students were satisfied, and they are ready to study hard.