On the 23rd of January the distinguished delegation from Czech Republic and Slovakia lead by Mgr.Matyas Zrno (Director of Programs of Civic Institute and Former Advisor to Prime Minister) and Petr Jurcik (Director Czech Trade Almaty) visited SDU. Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Academic Mobility Kurtay Cig and students of International Relations and International Law showed campus to our guests.


In this small tour delegation had an opportunity to see all faculties and to learn 20 years history of our university. After the tour, our Czech friends had a wonderful time listening to Kazakh  traditional music, and the guests themselves played on their national vocal music instruments. Later on, we along with delegation went to the meeting room. Open Q&A session has taken place. Both sides exchanged question-answer discussion lead by vice-rector Amirgalieva Saltanat. After the meeting, they were invited to have  lunch. According to their words, they enjoyed the visit, especially hospitality, modern style of this university and professionalism of the staff.  It was an excellent  opportunity for the students of both sides to make new connections.

Visit was part of the project Increase of professional capacities in the field of youth realized by Czech organization Integration and equal opportunities and funded by Erasmus+.