On March 7, 2018, the Faculty of Education and Humanities in cooperation with the International Association for Translation and International Studies (IATIS), and the Association of Translators in Kazakhstan, Kazakh National University and Hamburg University organized the 3rd IATIS International Translator Training Workshop with local and international presenters. The professional workshop was attended by scholars and practitioners from variety universities of Kazakhstan such as Almaty, Astana, Karaganda, Taraz amd Aktubinsk. 

It was the second IATIS supported workshop in Kazakhstan. The workshop was presided by the prominent professor and scholar Dr. Juliane House from Hamburg University in Germany. The event was officially opened by the Dean of the Education and Humanities Faculty Professor Azamat Akbarov, Dean of the International Relations Faculty of Kazakh National University Professor Sagyngaliy Aidarbayev, Chair of IATIS Executive Council Professor Sue-Ann Harding (video message) and Head of Philology Department Dr.Leila Mirzoyeva and IATIS-Kazakhstan coordinator Ms.Dariga Baktygereyeva.

IMG_1418 (1).JPG Professor Juliane House is a senior member of the German Science Foundation’s Research Centre on Multilingualism at the University of Hamburg, where she has directed several projects on translation and interpreting. Her research interests include translation theory and practice, contrastive pragmatics, discourse analysis, politeness theory, English as lingua franca, intercultural communication, and global business communication. She was one of the former IATIS presidents. Juliane House is currently the Chair of Linguistics Programs and Director of the PhD in Applied Linguistics: Discourse in English Language Teaching, Testing or Translation/Interpreting Program at Hellenic American University.

Professor Juliane House delivered seminars on “Translation Quality Assessment: Past and Present”, “Translation as a cognitive process”, “English as a global lingua franca” and “Translation as recontextualzation”. Following Professor House’s lectures, guest lecturers from Kazakh National University, DAAD and professional translators presented variety topics in the field of translation, ranging from features of the translation of medical texts, challenges for the adaptation of foreigners in the Kazakh educational landscape to the modern translator’s realities and prospects. The lineup of guest lecturers included the Head of the Diplomatic Translation of the Kazakh National University Dr. Almash Seydikenova, DAAD expert Dr. Thorsten Kaesler and President of the “Translators Union” Mr. Auel Yerzhan.

As a token of appreciation, Professor. Azamat Akbarov, awarded a certificate of appreciation to all presenters, alongside an traditional Kazakh souvenirs to Professor Juliane House. The next 4th IATIS workshop to be scheduled in 2019.