October 25-26, Faculty of Education and Humanities of SDU conducted 2017 International Autumn School “Strategies for Teaching/Using English as a Medium of Instruction”& “The Role of English in Non-English Speaking Communities: A Comparison of Kazakhstan & Hong Kong” in cooperation with the Education University of Hong Kong, Kazakh National University, KIMEP University and ETU.​

Seminar participants were exposed to various strategies that teachers can employ when teaching their subjects using English as a medium of instruction to students whose native language is not English. The seminar focused especially on subjects such as science, mathematics, and the social sciences. Some of the key elements of the discussion included techniques in: teaching content-obligatory language; effectively using visuals; asking questions strategically; making transparent transitions between topics; and repeating, repairing and paraphrasing, among other strategies.


By the end of the autumn school Professor Akbarov, Dean of the FED Faculty delivered international certificates to all participants. Faculty of Education and Humanities is committed to spread knowledge and fulfilling the potential of human capital thus such seminars that will develop personalized learning network (PLN) is a great investment for future educators.