SPT International olympiad


SPT International

Internal Olympiad of SDU

SPT INTERNATIONAL - this is an international competition for graduates of schools and colleges this year. SDU holds it in order to strengthen relationship in the field of education and expand partnership between countriesis. The Olympiad provides a unique opportunity for graduated pupils of your country to receive higher education in one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan on the terms of an internal grant or preferential discounts for four years of study.




Olympiad results

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About SPT International


SPT International Olympiad consists of 2 parts:

1) Mathematical literacy (50 points); English (50 points)

2) Essay "Why should I be awarded for SDU grant?"


Time period: MarchApril - May 2019


  • Sakha Republic

Yakutsk - "Sakha gymnazium", March 19, 15.00 

  • Mongolia

Bayan Olgiy - "Empathy" school, March 23, 15.00

  • Kyrgyzstan

Bishkek - "Aichurok" Bishkek lyceum, April 13, 11.00

Osh) - Osh female lyceum, April 13, 11.00

  • Tajikistan

​​Душанбе - "Центр международных программ", May 4, 11.00

  • Uzbekistan

Tashkent - Ozexpomarkaz, May 10-11, 10.00

Samarkand - Yoshlar Markazi, May 13-14, 10.00

Karshy - Yoshlar Markazi, May 15, 10.00

Bukhara - Yoshlar Markazi, May 16-17, 10.00

Nukis - Yoshlar Markazi, May 20-21, 10.00


Registration: online

Applicants: school (11th grade) and college (last year) graduates

Type of exam: test and essay

Language: English

Required documents before applying: Confirmation from the educational school and Passport





Participates have to register online.

For registration, the participant must download the confirming document that he / she is a school graduating student, Passport since the registration is open.

A personal ID card with their name, test center, cluster and test language will be sent to emails of successfully registered participants whose documents are correct. On the day of the Olympiad the participant must bring these documents to the test center he / she has been registered.


Required documents

1. Passport

2. Confirmation from school 


*At least one document must have a photo of participant.





General Information

1) Is it free to attend SPT Olympaid?

- Yes, it is FREE to participate in the SDU Internal Olympiad.


2) Where will the Olympaid take place?

- The Olympiad will be held in 6 capital cities or major cities: Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek), Tajikistan (Dushanbe), Turkmenistan (Ashgabat), Mongolia (Bayan Olgiy) and Sakha Republic (Irkutsk). Each city has individual test centers.


3) Can I participate from other cities?

- Certainly, you can. Choose the nearest or comfortable test center for yourself.


4) How the winners will be determined?

- The winners will be determined by the number of points and the motivation letter.


5) Should I come to the Olympics with a teacher or parent?

- No, that is not optional.


6) Should I wear school uniforms?

- No, you shouldn’t. You can wear casual clothes.


7) Will the Olympaid be online?

- No, the Olympaid will be held in specially established testing centers.



Sign up


1) Can I change the test center after the registration was closed?

- Unfortunately, you can not replace it. Be careful when registering!


2) I have no e-mail. What do I do?

- We advise you to open your own e-mail. Because the examination permit (ID Card) will automatically be sent to your e-mail address.


3) I do not have a cell phone. What do I do?

- If you do not have a cell phone, you can enter the number of the close people (parent, elder sister, teacher, etc.). Please note that the winners will be notified via the specified phone number during registration.


4) There is no registered code sent to my mail. What should I do?

- Please verify that you have entered the correct e-mail address. If the specified e-mail is correct, please ask the code again. If you do not receive a one-time code, check out the spam folder in your mail. If you are having problems, ask the people who can deal with it.


5) I have completely entered all the information. But ID CARD was not sent to me. What should I do?

- All users who have entered the information will automatically receive "Your request has been accepted! A message will be sent to your e-mail after processing the information. Your request will be reviewed within 3 days, and the response will be sent to your email.


6) My ID CARD has arrived, what should I have to do now?

- We are glad! We wish you good luck in the Olympaid! Now, when you come to the test center, you need to bring your Identity verification card and the ID Card from the printer.


7) Should ID CARD be colorful?

- That's not optional. You can bring black and white copy. Importantly, the information should be clearly visible.


8) I do not have a scanner. Can I attach photos which was taken by phone with the necessary documents for registration?

- Yes, just make sure that the information is visible.



The result


1) If I receive a grant from the SPT Olympaid, is it enough for me to go to SDU?

- Yes.


2) What specialties can I apply if I receive a grant from the SPT Olympiad?

- You can enter any specialization in SDU.


3) When will the examination be announced?

- SPT results will be announced in 20 days. Winners and prize holders will be notified by email or telephone call.










+7 707 777 11 56

+ 7 702 000 11 33

+ 7 727 307 95 65 (233)



Updated: 15.03.2019