International Relations Office

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International relations office


International Relations office provides:


  • Dual Diploma Education;
  • Academic Exchange Programs;
  • Partnerships development with international organizations and companies;
  • Collaboration in the field of business education with leading universities;
  • Organization of business meetings with representatives of embassies, international education centers and large foreign companies;
  • Attracting foreign students from near and far abroad to study in the MBA program;
  • Attracting foreign professors and lecturers from foreign countries;
  • In cooperation with the international consulting educational centers the department puts detailed information about education abroad;
  • Organizes and participates international seminars and conferences.


  • Name: Adilzhan Anay
    Degree: Master
    Position: Director
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (405))
  • Name: Aizhamal Akhayeva
    Degree: Master
    Position: Chief expert
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+77273079565 (233))
  • Name: Aidana Akhmedova
    Degree: Bachelor
    Position: Expert
  • Name: Levent Uysal
    Degree: Bachelor
    Position: Expert
  • Name: Ruslan Adilov
    Degree: Master
    Position: Pasportist
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (103))




  • Act as the central focal point for the coordination and implementation of all initiatives in support of achieving international status pursued by the university's administration
  • Build, promote and strengthen strategic international partnerships and agreements
  • Achieve international visibility through the promotion of high quality teaching and research achievements at the university
  • Seek the establishment of joint/dual programs with internationally prestigious universities
  • Promote and facilitate international agreements between individual faculties and departments and international partners






To be one of the leading and most dynamic international relations department locally and worldwide. We aspire to:

  • Be a department of highly accomplished and well supported academic and professional staff
  • Attract students of high academic potential and give them an outstanding university experience so that they become successful and influential graduates and loyal alumni.
  • Benefit Suleyman Demirel University through partnerships that acknowledge the prospects of the university
  • Develop strong partnerships with key organizations and communities, nationally and internationally
  • Adhere to our core values and remain an autonomous, sustainable, equitable department



Our strategic goals are excellence in cooperation, excellence in innovation and excellence in education.


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International relations office

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