Transfer of students

The procedure for transferring to SDU from another university

From the Kazakhstani university


The student must send a transcript to to identify the difference in the disciplines that the student could continue studying at our university.
Within 3 days you will inform the student about the possibility of transfer.

After that, the student submits an application in an arbitrary form about transfer to the name of the head of the institution where he studies. Having received written consent for the translation, sealed, brings us the original application and a copy of the UNT / CT certificate;

After that, we receive the primary documents from the previous institution on our own, upon request.


The difference in disciplines is covered by the university and is absolutely free.

A student enrolled in an educational grant can be transferred with the preservation of an educational grant.


Transfer conditions:

  • When transferring to SDU, you should not have an academic debt (fail) in the current disciplines.
  • The passing score of UNT / CT is 50.


Acceptance of documents until August 20 / January 10.


From a foreign university


In the case of enrolling a student, in order for the student to personally come to the university with original documents, the university will prepare a student VISA SUPPORT NUMBER to obtain a visa to Kazakhstan. To do this, the student must send the following documents to the e-mail (International Relations Office):

  • Full address;
  • Passport;
  • Reserve ticket to Kazakhstan.

2. The list of documents in the original:

  • Passport / ID card;
  • Transcript;
  • Diploma / Certificate;
  • Apostille (Document certifying the existence of the institution) Icon Sample (734.5 KB) Icon Sample (734.5 KB) ;
  • Archival reference (Document certifying the graduation) Icon Sample (554.4 KB) Icon Sample (554.4 KB) ;
  • Photo 3x4 (10 pcs.).


Acceptance of documents until August 20 / January 10.



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