State Grants

Applications for participation in the competition for educational grants are accepted from July 23 to July 31.

General regulations:

1. In order to participate in competition for educational grants a citizen has to submit the following documents to the admission committee:

  • a filled out a standard application form;
  • an original certificate of completion of secondary education;
  • the certificate of unified national or complex testing;
  • 8 photographs sized 3x4;
  • medical information form 086-U and fluorography;
  • a receipt of testing fee payment with an applicant’s name on it;
  • a copy of an identification document.

2. The applications of citizens to participation in the competition for educational grantsmust have the selected specialty and higher education.

3. Citizens having the right to receive educational grants, submit the document confirming this right to the admission committee of higher education institution.

4. Applicants having less than 4 points in one of the subjects of the UNT or complex testing are not allowed to enroll for the paid education or to participate in the competition for the educational grants.