SDU Grants and Discounts

Suleyman Demirel University provides internal grants for 4 years of study to:

- The winners of international Olympiads;

- Winners of republican Olympiads;

- “ZharқynBolashak”Medalists;

- The winners of the internal “SPT” Olympiad.


Discounts on education provided by applicants:

- 50% of the holders of the “AltynBelgi:honorary sign;

- 30% of the SDU graduates applying forMaster’sand PhD programs;

- 20% of SDU workers and their children;

- 10% of the graduates: graduates of “Dostyk” center, “EdTech”, the boarding school named after Zhautykov, KTL, NIS;

- 10% of applicants who received the 90 points on the UNT without the fifth subject;

- 10% of families with 2 or more students in SDU.


Discounts during the study:

- 50% of the best student in the specialty;

- 30% to student taking the second result in the specialty;

- 20% to student taking the third result in the specialty.