General Rules

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General provisions

1. The general provisions of admission to Suleyman Demirel University (hereinafter SDU) are developed in accordance with the Model Rules of admission to the educational institution, realizing professional training programs of higher education, approved by the Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated from “19” January 2012 № 111.

2. The persons with the general secondary (general secondary), technical and vocational (primary and secondary vocational, post-secondary), higher education (higher vocational) education can be admitted to the university.

3. Admission of the applicantsto higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out by placing the state educational order (educational grants), as well as tuition at their own expense of citizens and other sources.

4. Admission of the applicants to higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out according to their applications on competitive basis ontheir results of unified national testing (hereinafter – UNT) or complex testing.

5. Admission to the specialties requiring special or creative preparation (further - creative specialties) is carried out with an account of special or creative examinations (further - creative examinations). A list of creative professions and the procedures for special or creative examinations is approved by the order of the authorized body in the field of education. Acceptance of applications for creative specialties is carried out by admission committees of higher education institutions from June 20 to July1. Applicants for creative specialties must choose only one specialty.

6. The receptionof the applicants to institutions of higher education with technical and vocational, post-secondary education (colleges) on related specialties on training in the reduced terms on a paid basis is carried out based on the results of complex testing. The list of related specialties is approved by the competent authority.

7. Admission of foreign citizens to higher educational institutions on a paid basis is carried out in the form of interviews conducted by SDU admission committee.

8. Graduates of the secondary schools who have 50 points at minimum are accepted to SDU on a paid basis.

9. In order to participate in complex testing the applicant has to submit the following documents to the admission committee: a filled out a standard application form, an original certificate of completion of secondary education (secondary) or diploma of technical and vocational (primary or secondary vocational, post-secondary) education, a receipt of testing fee payment, two photographs sized 3x4, medical information form 086-U, and a copy of an identification document.

10. Acceptance of applications for participation in complex testing is conducted by admission committees of higher education institutions from June 20 to July 1. Complex testing is held from July 17 to 23*.

11. Complex testing is conducted in Kazakh and Russian languages at the request of the applicants testing the knowledge within the scope of secondary education curricula in four subjects: Kazakh or Russian language (language of instruction), History of Kazakhstan, mathematics and an elective subject.

12. The list of professions with the indication of optional subjects and specialized subjects of UNT and complex testing is approved by an authorized body in the field of education.

13. Applicants having less than 4 points in one of the subjects of the UNT or complex testing are not allowed to enroll for the paid education or to participate in the competition for the educational grants.

14. The work of the admission committee consists of the following steps:

I Reception of documents on creative examination in the specialty “Journalism:

IІ Reception of documents on the comprehensive testing

IIІ Reception of documents on educational grant

IV Reception of applicants to SDU

V Preparatory department


*Information from Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and .