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Admission of foreign students on a fee-paying basis is carried out in the form of an interview conducted by admission commissions of higher educational institutions from June 20 to August 20.

1. Foreign citizens may enter SDU.

2. Reception of foreign applicants is carried out by the admission committee.

3. Admission of foreign applicants is conducted in the form of an interview.

4. Foreign citizens must submit the required documents to the admissions office.

5. Notarized translation and nostrification of documents in a foreign language is required;

6. Documents of foreign citizens issued by foreign educational organizations must be nostrified in the first semester.

7. Applicants entering the specialty "Journalism" must pass a creative examination. Acceptance of applications (documents) for the creative exam from June 20 to July 7, and examinations are held from 8 to 13 July. Learn more

8. There are English language groups in SDU. In order to enter the group with the English language of instruction, students after the receipt of the grant and admission to SDU pass an exam for the knowledge of English. Learn more


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