Bachelor's degree



Bachelor Degree


State Grants


Applications for participation in the competition for educational grants are accepted from July 13 to July 20.




Заявления и прием документов для участия в конкурсе на присуждение образовательных грантов принимаются с 13 по 20 июля.

Абитуриенты, имеющие преимущественное право на получение образовательного гранта, подают в приемную комиссию документ, подтверждающий данное право. У категории лиц сохраняется преимущественное право при распределении образовательных грантов при равном количестве баллов с другими участниками конкурса.

В случае получения по одному из предметов, сдаваемых в рамках ЕНТ менее 5 баллов, лица к зачислению на участие в конкурсе грантов не допускаются.


Internal Grants and Discounts



  • winners of the internal “SPT” olympiad;



  • prizewinners of the internal “SPT” olympiad;
  • prizewinners of Infomatrix;
  • professional athlete (with a license);
  • the best student in the specialty (during the study);
  • SDU CUP best speaker:



  • orphans;
  • students whose parents / guardians are disabled (1st and 2nd group).
(submit required documents)



  • prizewinners of the internal “SPT” olympiad;
  • prizewinners of Infomatrix;



  • prizewinners of the internal “SPT” olympiad;



  • prizewinners of the internal “SPT” olympiad;
  • SDC graduates (red diploma);
  • KTK graduates (red diploma);



  • prizewinners of the internal “SPT” olympiad.



  • graduates of "Достық" education center;
  • graduates of "Арай" education center;
  • graduates of "Ed Tech" education center;
  • graduates of "Secom" education center;


*Discounts are valid for 2019-2020 academic year

Updated: 20.06.2019

Tuition fee

2019-2020 academic year

Tuition fee



Payment of tuition fee

Establishment of Suleyman Demirel University

BIN: 960240000550

АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»



Students House

LTD "DORM Service"

BIN: 110440021346

IBAN: KZ626017131000016522

АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»



Establishment of Suleyman Demirel University

BIN: 960240000550

АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»



Participation in seminars, conferences and Infomatrix

Establishment of Suleyman Demirel University

BIN: 960240000550

АО «Народный Банк Казахстана»




Complex Testing fee payment

State Enterprise "National testing center" of MES RK

60, ave.Pobedy, Astana, 010011

BIN 000140001853



JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan"

Payment is 2242 tenge (with VAT)




How can I enroll to SDU?

Admission to SDU is no different from the admission to other universities of Kazakhstan. Applicants with passing score on the UNT can enroll to SDU. Passing score is 50, pedagogical specialties - 60.


Is it possible to enroll to SDU on the state scholarship?

You can enroll to any specialty on the state scholarship.


How can I get the internal grant of SDU?

Suleyman Demirel University provides internal grants for 4 years of study to winners of the internal “SPT” olympiad and prizewinners of international olympiads.


When does the admission committee start receiving documents?

• Reception of documents on competition of the grant starts from July 13 to 20.

• Reception of documents on paid education is till August 28.

• Acceptance of documents for MA and PhD programs is from July 3 to 25.


Are there any preparatory courses in SDU?

Yes. SDU has one-year preparatory courses and students who complete the course will be able to master English at Intermediate level. Also three-month accelerated summer courses in English are available (starting from June).


Tell me about the teaching staff in SDU?

The teaching staff of SDU is very different. Majority of the teachers are from Kazakhstan. There are also teachers from Turkey, Azerbaijan, USA, India and Europe.


What is the level of employment of SDU graduates? In which companies are they employed?

Graduates employed in such companies as Qazkom, Turkuaz Group of Companies, Halyk Bank, Kcell, Air Astana, Alma TV, BTA, Turkuaz, Coca-Cola, Deloitte &Touche, Agip KCO, Bank Pozitif, Ericsson, Ernst and Young, HENKEL, Kazakhtelecom, Kazpack, KKB, ABN AMRO-Credit Card Department, P & G, Philip Morris, Price Water House, Schlmberger, SEHA, Tengizchevroil, Texaco, Ankara Hotel, Ahsel Holding, Kazakh-Turkish Liseums, Ramstore, Parsons Fluor Daniel, Parker Drilling, Eurasian Bank, Cisco Kazakhstan Specialist, Center Credit Bank.


How can I transfer to a different specialty?

Students can transfer to another specialty only after the first semester under the condition that the result of students' academic achievement (GPA) does not have F-grades.


How can I be transferred to SDU from another university?

In order to transfer from another university to SDU you need to provide a transcript with grades and subjects completed. According to this transcript the difference in subjects is determined. Only then the opportunity to transfer can be identified. According to the Law on Education the difference in subjects should not exceed 5 items.The transfer period is the end of semester, i.e. the end of the semester and summer period. Transfer cannot be made during the study period.


Can I transfer to SDU and keep my state scholarship?

You can be transferred to all specialties of SDU, but under the condition that you are transferred to the same specialty. If you want to transfer to another specialty, you lose the scholarship.


Can I transfer from paid education to the state scholarship in SDU?

Yes, you can. Students transferring to another specialtyand leaving to study in foreign universities lose their state scholarships. The students with high achievement are recommended for the vacant scholarships. The University submits the application and the student’s GPA to the MES RK.The decision is made by MES RK.


What diploma is issued to graduates of the SDU?

SDU graduates receive a diploma approved by the MES RK.


Where do SDU students pass their internship?

The students pass their internship in Kazakhstani and foreign organizations.


Do you have an extramural department?



How much does the students house cost?

The cost of the students house is 267,750 tenge per semester. The price includes dinner, room cleaning, bedding and other services.


How much is tuition fee?

The cost of training is from 400 000 to 1 225 000 tenge depending on the specialty. 


When there will be open days?

Anyone who wants to see the university can pre-register at the number whatsapp +7 702 000 11 33 and visit SDU on working days at a convenient time from 10.00 to 17.00.


Updated: 03.06.19




Unified National Testing



Submission of applications to UNT till May 10.

Exam Date - June 20 маусым - July 5.

Documents required: 

  • Diploma;
  • 2 photographs in the size 3x4;
  • Health certificate 086-U, 0-63, fluorography;
  • A copy of the identity card.


Journalism examination

(Applying to Journalism)


Applications acception and examination on creative specialties are carried out at the university.

  • Acceptance of applications (documents) from June 20 to July 8;
  • Examinations from 9 to 13 July.

For admission to the Department of Journalism an applicant has to pass a creative exam, which consists of two stages.

  • The first stage is writing an essay.
  • The second stage is an interview, where an applicant is asked different general questions test the outlook.

Also the applicant’s portfolio with earlier publications or an internship in the media are welcomed on the creative exam.

In addition to creative exams History of Kazakhstan and reading literacy (the language of instruction) scores are taken into account.

  • The maximum score for each creative exam is 40.
  • The maximum number of points taking into account creative exams is 120.


Sample tasks of creative exam

Icon Essay topics in English (2019-2020) (810.6 KB) Icon Interview questions in English (2019-2020) (1.0 MB)
Icon Essay topics in Kazakh (2019-2020) (827.4 KB) Icon Interview questions in Kazakh (2019-2020) (1.1 MB)
Icon Essay topics in Russian (2019-2020) (792.3 KB) Icon Interview questions in Russian (2019-2020) (1.1 MB)


Icon Assessment criteria (606.0 KB)



Updated 1.06.19

Special examination

(Applying to pedagogical specialties)


The special examination consists of a pedagogical test and a pedagogical situation aimed at determining the propensity of entrants to pedagogical activity.

The admission committee of SDU holds a special examination for the following pedagogical specialties:

  • 5В010900 Mathematics (pedagogical)
  • 5B012800 Physics - Informatics (pedagogical)
  • 5B012500 Chemistry - Biology (pedagogical)
  • 5В011900 Foreign language: Two foreign languages
  • 5B011700 Kazakh Language and Literature

Applications for participation in the special examination will be accepted from June 20 to August 14. The exam is evaluated on the principle of "passed" / "failed".


English examination

(Applying to specialties with English medium of instruction)


The exam is compulsory only for those who study in English.

The knowledge test is not required if student's level is intermediate or he/she has IELTS certificate (5.5 band).

There is a language school for those who want to improve their level of English.


Icon English entrance exam sample 1 (271.0 KB) Icon English entrance exam sample 2 (64.6 KB)

SDU Proficiency Test


WhatsApp Image 2018-01-29 at 14.34.10.jpeg



SPT (SDU Proficiency Test) - это внутренняя олимпиада университета имени Сулеймана Демиреля для выпускников школ и колледжей текущего года. Основная цель данной олимпиады заключается в помощи выпускникам в определении будущей профессии, а также в поддержке в виде предоставления внутренних грантов и скидок. Мы уверены, что каждый должен проверить свои способности, потому что это - отличная возможность выиграть внутренний грант или скидку.

SPT будет проходить по 6-кластерам в зависимости от выбранного предмета: физика, география, химия-биология, английский язык, литература и история. Дополнительно, в каждом кластере будут вопросы по общепрофильным предметам.

Призеры и первые 300 участников, показавшие наилучшие результаты, получат внутренние гранты СДУ и скидки на 4 года обучения.

Напомним, что в 2015 году было выделено 80, в 2016 году 200, а в 2017 году 250 грантов и скидок. Теперь число грантов и скидок увеличилось до 300.


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