Medical service

The SDU has created all the conditions for students and staff to get expert medical care. With this purpose a medical center operates in the campus providing free first medical and sanitary aid. Clinic is fully equipped with all the necessary tools and medicines.

Furthermore, SuleymanDemirel University signed a contract with the "Central hospital of Karasaidistrict ", where everyone can receive treatment and medical examination.

The main tasks of medical aid station:

1. The provision of primary health care to the staff and students of SDU.

2. Organization and control the annual passage of x-rays, and baseline medical examination of employees and students of SDU.

3. Monitor the health certificates of the sick students.

4. Monitor the sanitary cleanliness in SDU (dining room, classrooms, corridors, etc.).

5. Promotion of healthy lifestyle and prevention of various diseases.

6. Monitoring health status of students on follow up care.

Medical staff:

1. Ermekbaeva D.O. – a physician of the highest category – staffphysician.

2. Kөpbergenova T.A.– staffnurse.


+7 727 307 9565 (609)

Office hours:

Monday-Friday – 9.00-18.00