Vice-Rector for Social development

The Vice-Rector for Social Development is the main responsible person in the educational part, and reports directly to the rector of the university. The main post of pro-rector is the control of educational and cultural-mass work at the university.

Main duties:

  • coordinates educational and cultural work in accordance with the plan approved by the rector;
  • organizes and controls educational work in student hostels together with the deputies of the deans for educational work, student councils and heads of student hostels;
  • organizes student self-government in hostels, together with the deans and student councils, offers the rector measures to encourage students and disciplinary action for violations of the Academy statutes, the rules of the Academy's internal regulations, the rules of residence in hostels, etc .;
  • participates in the organization of work of the faculty of public professions and controls its work;
  • fulfills one-time assignments of the rector related to educational work and social issues;
  • observes the rules of the internal labor regulations of the university
  • Name: Muammer Tasci
    Degree: Master
    Position: Vice Rector on Social Affairs
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (130))