Educational and Methodical Board

Educational and Methodological Board (UMB) of the University is a permanent collective body under the pro-rector for educational and methodical work. UMB develops the main directions of methodical work at the university, coordinates the interaction of faculties, departments and other structural divisions of the university participating in the educational process in the field of methodological work, and also promotes the introduction of promising areas of scientific and methodological support for the educational process in order to improve the level of training of specialists.

In its activity, the UMB is guided by the normative documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the development and improvement of education, as well as the University Charter, the decisions of the Academic Board, and orders of the rector. The scope of authority of UMB includes the preparation of decisions in the field of educational and methodological activities.


Main responsibilities

  • Strategic planning and coordination of educational and methodological work in order to improve the quality of university education.
  • Monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the quality of teaching and methodological work in SDU.
  • Assistance in providing the faculties and departments with normative and methodological documentation and the educational and methodical literature recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • Assistance to the scientific provision of educational and methodological activities at the university.
  • Participation in the organization and holding of events held by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan in preparation for licensing, attestation and accreditation of the university.
  • Conducting conferences, seminars and meetings on problems of higher and additional education.



  • The work of the UMB is supervised by the chairman, and in his absence - by the deputy chairman. The Chairperson presents the UMS at the sessions of the administration in the discussion of issues related to educational and methodological work. The current activity of UMB is provided by educational and methodical management.
  • UMB works in accordance with the annual plan, which is formed on the basis of the university's strategic goals in the field of quality assurance of education, is developed by the UMC working group (chairman, deputy chairman, chairmen of UMB faculties, heads of methodological commissions under UMB) and approved at the last academic year in the current academic year Academic Board of the University.
  • The Chairman of the UMB submits an annual report on the work to the Academic Council of the University.
  • To solve the tasks, prepare the meetings, conduct the examination with the UMB, temporary working groups and standing commissions are created. The work of the commissions and working groups is carried out according to plans drawn up by the heads of these commissions and groups and adopted at the meeting of the UMB. Heads of the commissions submit to the chairman of the UMB reports on the work at the end of the school year, recommendations for improving the educational process and work plans for the next academic year.
  • UMB meetings are held in accordance with the work plan.