Council of Young Scientists

Council of Young Scientists is a permanent collegial advisory body.

The Council is a youth representatives of the university, which forms and conducts a youth policy that defends the interests of young scientists in the professional sphere and social and domestic problems.

The activities of the Council are carried out on the basis of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in accordance with the Charter of Suleyman Demirel University, on the basis of normative legal documents regulating the activities of the University, as well as the principles of democracy, voluntariness, transparency, equality and self-government.

The Council of Young Scientists is not a legal entity and carries out its activities in accordance with the Regulations on the Council of Young Scientists.

The purpose:

  • assistance to young scientists in raising their professional level;
  • development of scientific potential and realization of their creative abilities;
  • representation, protection and realization of professional, intellectual, legal and social interests and the rights of scientific youth in SDU;
  • propagation of scientific knowledge and the latest achievements of science.

The main tasks:

  • promotion of the professional growth of the SDU scientific youth, the development of youth scientific initiatives and the consolidation of young scientists in SDU. Preparation of proposals for improving scientific work in SDU;
  • assistance in providing organizational and financial support to scientific work for young scientists, their participation in research projects and programs, scientific internships, competitions, scientific conferences and seminars held in Kazakhstan and abroad;
  • informs about scientific projects and programs, funds supporting scientific research of young scientists (grants), scientific and educational centers in the country and abroad, as well as profile events (conferences, seminars) held in Kazakhstan, near and far abroad countries;
  • organization and promotion of scientific conferences, seminars, round tables and competitions for the best scientific and technical products, assistance to young scientists in the publication of articles and reports;
  • participation in attestation of undergraduates and trainees at the meeting of the scientific and technical council of the university;
  • carrying out of the actions directed on rendering to the young scientists of the help in mastering of methodology and a technique of scientific research work; promotion of scientific, technical and cultural growth of young scientists;
  • organization of information support for scientific youth, information on vacancies, funds, grants, conferences, schools and other activities to support scientific youth;
  • creation of an information database of scientific research and development of young scientists of scientific organizations, research institutes, higher educational institutions;
  • assistance in attracting young scientists to active work on domestic and foreign grants;
  • the nomination of works by young scientists for the prizes of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and other ministries, the recommendation of talented young specialists to the master's or doctoral studies;
  • presentation to the administration of their recommendations and proposals on labor issues, resting life of young scientists;
  • assistance to initiatives of young scientists aimed at solving their social problems.
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