Vice-Rector on Educational and Scientific Affairs

The Vice-Rector for Academic and Scientific Work is the chief person in charge of the academic and scientific part and reports directly to the rector of the university. The main position of the pro-rector is the control of the quality of the teaching, teaching and research and research work.

Main duties:

  • Manages the organization of educational, educational, methodological and research work on the scale of the university;
  • Carries out the control over the organization of educational, educational-methodical and scientific research work of faculties and departments;
  • Coordinates the compilation of curricula and programs by faculties, departments;
  • Controls the optimal distribution of the teaching load of the faculty;
  • Manages the work of the research unit;
  • Provides conditions for the normal operation and development of the training field, scientific laboratories and other scientific units;
  • General management of research work of students, scientific and technical council and council of young scientists;
  • He plans to implement measures to improve the scientific qualifications of teachers;
  • Organization of student and international educational and practical conferences.
  • Name: Davronzhon Gaipov
    Degree: PhD
    Position: Vice Rector
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (210))
  • Name: Gaukhar Duisenbayeva
    Degree: Master
    Position: Assistant