Marketing and recruiting Department

Marketing department work on strengthening the positive image of the university among target audiences, promotion of educational services provided by the university, strengthening the authority of the university, non-state education in general.

External PR:

  • Constant interaction and maintenance of contacts with mass media, placement of necessary information about the university, its life, achievements of students and teachers in the media, control over the timely dissemination of information materials on the activities of the institute;
  • Participation in the preparation and conduct of special PR-events: exhibitions, presentations, open days and other events and actions of information and advertising nature, conducted with the participation of the media and the public, ensuring their comprehensive information support;
  • Participation in the organization of university activities conducted by various departments: notification and invitation of the media, preparation of press releases, speech texts and other information materials for media representatives about significant events of the university (conferences, round tables, competitions, etc.);
  • Monitoring of electronic and print media, press-clipping, participation in the preparation of information and analytical materials for internal use;
  • Work on corporate identity: representative products (booklets, leaflets, posters, badges, paraphernalia, etc.);
  • Work of the field of outdoor advertising: development of breadboard models of banners, signboards, signs, etc.).


Internal PR:

  • Cooperation with departments and divisions for obtaining and exchanging up-to-date information;
  • Participation in the preparation and conduct of events of internal importance (competitions, promotions for students and employees);
  • Provision of photo and video shooting of employees and students, all significant events held by SDU;
  • Development of information and advertising materials, preparation of congratulatory texts, texts for corporate publications and official website - the site of SDU;
  • Interaction with branches in the field of advertising and PR;
  • Design work: development with the designer of stands, work with artists-designers for the implementation of design mock-ups.
Icon Development strategy, 2016-2020 (774.1 KB)
  • Name: Omarbek Nurbavliyev
    Degree: Master
    Position: Director
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (310))
  • Name: Talgat Abdikarimov
    Degree: Bachelor
    Position: Designer
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (122))
  • Name: Nazerke Utemuratova
    Degree: Bachelor
    Position: Expert
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (231))
  • Name: Mukhammed Mustafin
    Position: Expert
  • Name: Aizere Shynat
    Degree: Master
    Position: SMM-manager
  • Name: Aidana Montayeva
    Degree: Master
    Position: Operator
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+7 727 307 95 60 (805))