Legal Consultancy Department

The Legal Consultancy is a structural subdivision of the Suleyman Demirel University and carries out its activities in accordance with the current legislation of the RK, the University Statute and the Regulations on the Department. The head of the department manages the legal department, who is appointed and dismissed by the order of the rector.

Main goals:

  • Legal protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the university.
  • Conducting legal expertise of draft normative acts, orders, decisions and other documents of a legal nature.
  • Maintenance of observance of legality in activity of university.
  • Explanation of the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Main functions:

  • Representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the university in judicial and other bodies when considering legal issues.
  • Conducting legal expertise and checking the compliance of orders, instructions, contracts, agreements and other legal documents submitted for signature to the project management with the requirements of the current legislation, as well as participation in their preparation.
  • Implementation of legal documentation prepared by the relevant departments on embezzlement, mercenary abuses, shortages and other offenses for their transfer to law enforcement and judicial bodies.
  • Providing legal assistance in the work to recover material damage caused to the university, ensuring compliance with the procedures and guarantees provided by law when employees are reimbursed for material damage.
  • Participation in university meetings.
  • Work in the composition of various commissions to review legal and other issues.
  • Carrying out on the instructions of the management of legal inspections.
  • Provision of the rector, vice-rectors and at the request of the heads of the university departments with the necessary normative documents.
  • Dacha conclusions, consultations on legal issues arising in the activities of the university.
  • Carrying out work among university employees on explaining the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.