IT Department

Jobs and responsibilities of IT Department;

As a general definition of our work, it can be defined as supplying Hardware and Software needs of our University.

Hardware needs can be explained as;

To keep following devices in working condition, repairing when they need to be, demanding new device requests.

1) Computers of University (Office, Library, Laboratory, notebooks etc.)

2) Printers,

3) Server and Network devices,

4) Internal Phone devices,

5) UPS devices,

Software needs can be explained as;

1) Installing needed software for devices which are mentioned earlier, updating when they need and keeping them in working condition.

2) Supplying University Website, making necessary software updates.

3) Keeping Education portal in working condition, supplying necessary software updates and modifications.

4) Supplying internet connection wired or wireless for staff and students, under some circumstances.

5) Supplying corporation email address for university staff and students.

  • Name: Alpay Akyol
    Degree: Master
    Position: Director
    Phone: 307 95 60 (222)