Vice-Rector on Administrative Affairs

The Vice-Rector for Administrative Affairs is the chief responsible person in the administrative part and the main post of the pro-rector is the control of the quality of the administrative departments of the university as a whole.

Official duties:

  • Control and coordination of the administrative departments of the University;
  • Conducting a written report at the meetings of the authorized representative, academic and administrative council and timely notification of new regulations;
  • Notifying the rector of new employees of administrative departments;
  • Conducting written works in external and internal regulations of the University;
  • Submiting the report to the authorized bodies after the end of each academic year;
  • Monitoring the written procedures of the university;
  • Notifying the rector of administrative and economic matters and needs.
  • Name: Ali Kochak
    Degree: Master
    Position: Vice rector on Administrative Affairs
    Phone: +7 727 307 95 60 (+ 7 727 307 95 66(101))