PhD Programs

Department of postgraduate education prepares the scientific and pedagogical staff. Currently, the department carries out training on 5 specialties of PhD and 7 Master's programs.

Department of postgraduate education as a structural unit of SuleymanDemirel University established in 2010.The first step was the launch of Master's and PhD programs and increase of the contingent of students in 2006.

Department of postgraduate education of SDU provides education both on the profile and scientific and pedagogical direction. The programs of scientific and pedagogical directions are periodically updated in accordance with the requirements of the market, changes in science and education.

Department of postgraduate education of SDU operates in parallel with the 13 departments of the University, college; 4 scientific research institutes; training center; Science Department; scientific library, which includes subscription and reading rooms.

Department of postgraduate education is actively developing international cooperation. Partner universities foreign institutions of different countrieswith agreements on joint implementation of foreign internship programs, exchange of experience, academic mobility and implementation of double-diploma education programs.

Suleyman Demirel University is “Model University” working for the recognition in the country and abroad.