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We invite you to continue your studies and improve your professional qualifications in the 2017-2018 academic year in the Master's program of SDU.


The entrance exams for postgraduate education (PGE)

According to the Model Rules of admission to the educational organizations, implementing professional training programs of postgraduate studies, citizens applying for the master, residency, and doctoral studies take entrance exams: one of the foreign languages ​​(English, French, German); Foreign nationals arriving in magistracy, residency, postgraduate and doctoral studies, pass entrance exams: in Kazakh language or Russian language (instruction).

The entrance exams for foreign, Kazakh and Russian languages ​​shall be on the technologies developed by the National Testing Center in the form of complex testing in basic schools.

Complex testing during the entrance examinations for foreign, Kazakh and Russian languages ​​ is conducted in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education", the Model Regulations of admission to the organization of education, professional training programs of postgraduate education.

National Testing Center publish training manuals in foreign languages to prepare applicants, for entrance exams.

In addition, a comprehensive test determines the level of development of foreign language competence in everyday situations, cultural and professional communication on the basis of an integrated general technical and humanitarian content of foreign language education. the test includes test materials levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C

Time on each test item: 1-2 минуты

The Number of tasks in one the test - 100 test items.

Duration the test - 140 minutes.


The test consists of three blocks:

Block I - Listening

Assess the level of perception and comprehension of foreign speech in the record aurally, as well as global and detailed understanding of listening text based on the study of linguistic material, background regional studies and professional knowledge, skills, linguistic and contextual guessing, ability to determine the subject, the idea of ​​the text.

This block includes 4 listening texts and performs 8 test items for each text. Each audio material plays twice with a pause for 1 minute. After listening to each text is given time to complete the proposed test questions to him.

Duration of Listening block  - 45 minutes

Block II – Lexical and grammatical test

This block consists of 32 test items. The content of the proposed test gives the opportunity to test their knowledge of language rules (lexical, grammatical), the assimilation of linguistic concepts (phonetic, lexical, grammatical), possession of modes of action in the analysis of linguistic phenomena.

Duration of lexical and grammatical block - 35 minutes.

Block III – Reading

The purpose of the test items provided for reading is as follows: extracting a predetermined amount of information, understanding the content of different genres of texts authentic character, including feature articles, setting their logical sequence.

This block includes 3 passages and the of 12 test items for each passage. After reading each passage, time is given to complete the proposed test items.

Duration of block Reading - 60 minutes.


Study guides on foreign languages for Master’s and Doctoral studies

For those applicants who wish to hold entrance exam for Master’s and Doctoral studies National Testing Center implements study guides on English, German and French languages.

Study guide contains methodological recommendations for testing preparation, sample tests and codes of correct answers, a CD disc, including audio texts for the first unit of tests, texts for CD at the end of study guide as well as a list of recommended literature.

Cost of 1 study guide per language is 2250 KZT

In other cities, applicants may contact to Department of postgraduate education to acquire study guides.

Astana, 60, Pobedy ave., tel. 695-252, 695-101.

Almaty, 25 Zhambyl Str., tel. 293-93-72, 293-93-71.


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