6М070400 Computer systems and software

Academic degree: МА

Mode: full-time / distance

Duration of study1 years (2 semesters), 1,5 years (3 semesters), 2 years (4 semesters)

Language: English

Location: Almaty, Mynbaev street 46 


Description of the program

Educational program graduate specialty CSS includes theoretical, practical, research-learning modules. Theoretical module is implemented through lectures, seminars and consultations, practical module - through training and professional practice, research module - through the organization as well as domestic and foreign scientific internships. Formation of MC (modular curricula), UP and individual learning path provide an opportunity to improve the quality and modernity of educational programs.

The main objective of Master program inComputing systems and software is the following:

  • Formation of basic professional competence at graduate;
  • The formation of social and personal qualities of the masters: dedication, organization, hard work, responsibility, citizenship, communication skills, improve the overall culture of tolerance;
  • Possess advanced knowledge in the field of information technology, computer simulations and be able to implement them in solving practical problems of various branches of knowledge;
  • The key competences Master requirements of the educational program Computing systems and software;
  • About the basic laws of functioning of the software and hardware systems and opportunities for system analysis;
  • About modern methods of research, optimization and design;
  • The computer information processing and control systems and their security;
  • Of microelectronic development trends of advanced circuit solutions in the field of digital technology;
  • The current state and trends in the computer architecture, computer systems, systems and networks;
  • Intelligent data analysis methods, methods of set-theoretic description of systems;
  • The main classes of models and simulation methods, principles of process models, methods of formalization of algorithms and implementation of computer systems models;
  • The content and the main task of information technology, a modelbasic information processes;
  • Principles of the architecture of high-performance distributed computing systems;
  • Technology, methods and means of production and commercialization of software;
  • Principles of modern operating systems, data storage, and system software;
  • Basic models, methods and tools used in computer systems for automation solutions intellectual tasks;
  • Basic methods and algorithms of formation and transformation of images, methods of human computer interaction;
  • Methods of system modeling in the study and design of systems, circuit modeling algorithms, simulation languages ​​and packages the application of discrete systems modeling programs.


Strengths of education in SDU

  • highly qualified, poly-lingual composition of faculty, trained and taken professional courses in the following countries: Russia, Turkey, England, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Philippines, China, India, etc.;
  • attracting leading IT professionals to the educational process, both for the conduct of elective courses, as well as for scientific support and advice of research work of  young staff, master students;
  • introduction latest achievements and technologies in the field of CSS in educational processes that use;
  • introducing results of scientific activity of department lecturers in the learning process;
  • use of material and technical base of enterprises, institutions and companies in the field of IT technologies;
  • creation of a convenient IT atmosphere using capabilities SRI "Information Technologies" SDU;
  • highly qualified staff of faculty;
  • practice oriented training of specialists based on mutually beneficial training courses, seminars, lectures, workshops, competitions for both master students and teachers;
  • continuous introduction of modern solutions in the field of ICT in the educational process;
  • favorable research environment (moral, financial and technical support of young scientists);
  • wide range of foreign languages: English, Turkish languages;
  • improvement of environment, information base (new modern building and is constantly updated equipment, specialized  classrooms and language laboratories);
  • active social position of master students and conditions of actualization;
  • relationship between administration, faculty and master students, based on mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual aid;
  • great working and study conditions (new Students House, free meals, etc.).


Main disciplines

  • History and science philosophy;
  • Foreign language (professional);
  • Pedagogy;
  • Psychology;
  • Scientific Research Planning and Organization;
  • Information technologies in scientific researches;
  • High Performance Computing Technologies;
  • Artificial intelligence;
  • Software Design Technologies for real time Systems;
  • Signal processing, Sensors and Mobile networks;
  • Models and algorithms for pattern recognition;
  • Sensor Networks and Systems;
  • Biological Algorithms and Computing;
  • Architecture of high performance systems;
  • Parallel calculations.


Career and job prospects

SDU graduate educational program CSS - highly qualified competitor, social mobility, demanded in the labor market's IT specialists possessing expertise in the areas of:

  • Design and development of information systems, configuration software and technical platform;
  • Introduction latest achievements and technologies in the field of CSS in educational processes that use;
  • Configuration and administration of the network infrastructure;
  • Projection Component Architecture hardware and software;
  • Create mobile software applications;
  • Software Engineering;
  • High-performance computing technologies;
  • The application of computer technology and software to implement computer systems, as well as to address the specific problems of science and technology.

Model Master's graduate differs from the presence of additional graduate of Bachelor in-depth knowledge in the field of modern information technologies, scientific software design solutions in computer systems, Pedagogy, psychology, philosophy.


Tuition fee: Computer and software

Condition of admission: Entrance examinations

Admission details


Coordinator: Yedilkhan Amirgaliyev

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