6М011700 Kazakh language and literature

Academic degree: МА

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: Profile - 1-1.5 years (3 semesters) / Scientific and pedagogical - 2 years (6 semesters)

Language: Kazakh

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus 


Strengths of education in SDU

  • Bachelors can continue their education on a specialty 6M011700 - Kazakh language and literature, the difference in passing disciplines.
  • On specialty 6M011700 - Kazakh language and literature are taught PhD and Doctor of the Department, as well as other famous scientists. Every year undergraduates are trained in foreign and our Kazakhstani universities.
  • Undergraduates, graduates of core areas awarded the academic degree "Master of education in the specialty", graduated from the scientific and pedagogical direction awarded the academic degree "Master of Education in the specialty".


Main disciplines

  • The methods of poetry analysis
  • Rhetoric history
  • Literary criticism
  • The research design and organization
  • Technique of research works
  • Technique and methods of research works
  • The theoretical basics of language history development
  • Lingvosemiotics
  • Language and teaching methods of the Kazakh language
  • Paralinguistics
  • Social linguistics
  • Fundamentals of linguistic terminology
  • The history of Kazakh terminology 
  • Terms teaching methods
  • Fundamentals of grammatical theory
  • The grammatical form of property transfer
  • Basic grammatical units
  • Axiological linguistics
  • Introduction to Lingua-semiotics
  • New directions in linguistics
  • Linguistic semantics
  • Historical syntax
  • The textual linguistics
  • Prosody
  • Actual problems of literary criticism
  • Literary analysis of literary texts
  • Тhe history of  literature studies
  • Literary trends
  • The theoretical foundation of literary history development
  • The contemporary Kazakh orthography issue
  • The methodology of teaching Kazakh orthography
  • The basics of analytical morphology


Career and job prospects

The objects of professional activity of graduates graduate are:

When profile preparation :

  • Secondary schools (including schools, private schools); secondary educational institutions (colleges, schools) in the humanities, organizations and institutions of the state and non-state profile;

When science and teacher training:

  • Higher education institutions  secondary schools (including schools, private schools), secondary special educational institutions (colleges, technical schools), research institutes .

Graduates graduate majoring 6M011700 - Kazakh language and literature can perform the following professional activities:

  • When profile training and educational, cultural, educational, production and technological;
  • When science and teacher training - scientific pedagogical, organizational, managerial, scientific, consulting, cultural and organizational.


Tuition fee: Kazakh language and literature

Condition of admission: entry exams

Admission details


Coordinator: Nurzhanova Aisulu                

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