5В051100 Marketing

Academic degree: bachelor

Mode: full-time

Duration of study: 4 years (8 semesters)

Language: English

Location: Almaty, Kaskelen / Smart campus


Description of the specialty

The goal of our marketing program is to help students to become a strategic marketing planner, a creative thinker, and an industry practitioner who knows how to find and satisfy the consumers’ needs and wants. Our students will be intensively trained and provided with all the required knowledge and tools needed to become effective and successful marketers. Our highly qualified professors as well as marketing executives will guide them to obtain necessary knowledge and expertise. Our program corresponds well with those curricula of major well-established universities. Furthermore, our strong links with local businesses provide opportunities to network and develop the employability skills that make our graduates to be on competitive edge.


Strengths of education in SDU

You will take basic and professional modules in such areas as market research, digital marketing, consumer behavior, strategic aspects of marketing, segmentation, positioning, buying behavior by organizations, and e-Commerce. Elective courses offered include social-media marketing, digital marketing and data analysis.


Career and job prospects

As a graduate holding a bachelor degree in marketing, you may opt to compete for entry-level marketing positions in different organizations. Potential workplaces include a myriad of corporate business entities, universities, as well as government, hospitality, marketing research and consulting agencies.Moreover, jobs where your degree would be useful include:advertising account planner, market researcher, marketing executive, media buyer, media planner and social media marketing manager.


Tuition fee: Marketing

Condition of admission: Certificate of UNT, selective subjects - Geography and Mathematics.

Admission details


Coordinator: Sanat Kozhakhmet

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